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Nestled in the lush beauty of the Berkshire Foothills, Watertown is home to enterprises ranging from farming and agriculture, retail and services, to world-class manufacturing. Watertown has evolved into a diverse community offering a wide variety of services and attributes.

Incorporated as a town in 1780, a part of Litchfield County, Watertown has maintained a stable economy over the years. With 29.9 square miles of fine residential areas, farmlands, recreation areas and industrial sites, Watertown is a fine place to live, work, and play.

Watertown has a rare blend of Yankee ingenuity and enterprise, skilled men and women, a complete transportation network, land to expand, room for gracious living, and a sound economy.

The following pages attempt to describe a place which is both serene and stimulating; quaint and cosmopolitan. These are descriptions that seem contradictory, yet it's this disparity that makes Watertown such an exceptional place to be.


Centrally situated in one of the most comprehensive and modern infrastructures in the country, Watertown is within two to three hours, by interstate, of New York City, Boston, and Albany. An impressive roster of Fortune 500 corporations have established headquarters in Connecticut, chiefly for its excellent location in the Northeast Corridor and pleasant quality of life.

Watertown . . . You can get anywhere from here.

Watertown's ideal location is attractive to businesses because it provides easy access to all key domestic and foreign markets. It is supported by a well-maintained highway system, ocean-going ports, international airports, and well-known overnight shipping and freight carriers. People enjoy residing here for almost the same reasons companies relocate here. If features suburban country living, yet for those who enjoy taking in a New York Broadway show, shopping in Boston's Quincy Market, or contemplating our national heritage in Washington, D.C., they can easily get there from here.

Closer to home, Watertown is located in the center of Connecticut, which makes it convenient to experience all that our state has to offer within an hour's driving time. Popular attractions in Connecticut include Mystic Seaport and Aquarium, Gillette Castle, Yale University, Peabody Museum of Natural History, Hammonasset Beach, Mark Twain House, Dinosaur State Park, West Cornwall's Covered Bridge, and many more enriching sites. Each area of the state, too, has its own unique qualities. Delightful villages on the Long Island Sound shoreline conjure up images of days past. One can almost hear the clanging of a schooner bell and seagulls. The boisterous cacophony of a tavern. Feel the coarseness and strength of a fisherman's knot. And taste the pungent, salty air. In contrast, other sections of the coast are glamorous and trendy. And home to many of the country's wealthiest citizens and Hollywood celebrities. In Litchfield County, of which Watertown is a part, Mother Nature produces a blockbuster show every October, painting vibrant colors across gently rolling hills. This natural spectacle is so breathtaking, it is a must for all to witness. The exquisiteness of "New England in the Fall" is hailed far and away, and the most vivid panoramas can be found right her. In Watertown.

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Our business community is comprised of manufacturing, high technology, service and retail companies. Plastics, thread, electronic devices, chemicals, tools and dies, components and metal specialties are all produced in town. Many of these firms are world renowned, and many were founded in Watertown in the 1800's. For both employers and employees, Watertown is a perfect place to be.

In offering an attractive business climate, Watertown is second to none. All the necessities for successful business development are here. One of Watertown's greatest assets is its large, well-trained labor pool. The region hosts an abundance of blue collar, white collar, and skilled, high-technology workers. And where there are companies and people, there is an interdependent web of support businesses, retailers, higher education, financial services, medical institutions, and cultural offerings to bolster the economy. Watertown has a bounty of these elements, promoting a healthy business environment and personally satisfying lives.

Support businesses in the area range from employment agencies and secretarial services, computer hardware and software technicians, office equipment sales and maintenance, to advertising and marketing agencies, accounting firms, and manufacturer's reps. There is also a plethora of contract job shops for metal cutting, stamping, deburring, plating, tool, dye and moldmaking, as well as, machine tool repair.

Of paramount importance to a business, Watertown's infrastructure provides ample and accessible electricity, gas, city water, and sewers. Plus, the local Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Commission are business-fiendly advocates. They can offer detailed information about available sites through their comprehensive database of industrial and commercial properties. They will also lend a hand with grant and loan applications. There are local, state, or federal grants or other incentives that may be available to a particular type of business. Either of these two organizations will know or find the answers to all the questions you ask. They are here to help you. In Watertown.

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Nearby Mohawk Mountain for skiing and hiking, sites for campint, lakes for swimming, fishing, skating, and boating, Mattatuck State Forest, Black Rock State Park and the proximity of Long Island Sound provide a full range of outdoor activities.

The Watertown public school system is dedicated to giving children a superior education. As a result, the majority of its students go on to higher educational institutions. Taft School, one of the finest, internationally-acclaimed, prep schools in the country, is based in Watertown. Yale, Central Connecticut, Southern Connecticut, and Western Connecticut Universities are within a 30 - mile radius of Watertown. Trinity College and Wesleyan University are within easy driving range. The University of Connecticut at Storrs is 65 miles away, and there is a UConn branch in nearby Waterbury. Waterbury also hosts Teikyo Post University, Naugatuck Valley Community-Technical College, and Kaynor Technical Regional Vocational High School.

With both a public golf course and country club, ball fields, playgrounds, a downtown shopping area, a town green and classic gazebo, and a host of other amenities in surrounding areas, Watertown has something for the entire family to enjoy. Community recreation programs include swimming areas, day camps for children, Little League, Youth Soccer, Hockey, and Tennis. Watertown annually hosts over 30 different academic, vocational, and recreational activities. Church, social service, fraternal, and social groups abound.

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There's so much more about Watertown that just doesn't easily fit into categories. There's a sense of community, a commitment to a better quality of life for families and businesses alike.

We're not the kind of place where residential needs and business requirements are mutually exclusive. One the contrary, the strong understanding of the interdependency of the two is what makes Watertown special. Encouraging a healthy and thriving economy, in turn, benefits the community. We would like to invite you to sample first hand what we have to offer. Should you require additional information or need assistance in planning a visit, please contact:

Economic Development Commission
Town of Watertown, Connecticut
Town Hall Annex, 424 Main Street
Watertown, Connecticut 06795-2200
(860)945-5255 FAX (860)945-4974