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Current Information on Watertown's Plan of Conservation & Development 2017-2027




On behalf of the Town of Watertown, the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) is pleased to present the newly adopted Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD).

The POCD is a guidance document that provides a long-term vision for the Town over the next 10 years (2017-2027), that guides decision making related to growth, development, conservation, and capital improvements.

The Plan is by nature comprehensive in its scope since it addresses almost every aspect of growth and development. It is also meant to be specifically applied to individual projects that occur within the Town. Since the Plan is comprehensive in nature, a literal interpretation may reveal inconsistences with other goals, and since it is a guidance document, thoughtful compromise is also required.

It is also designed to be a dynamic document, containing specific goals and objectives and an Action Agenda to guide implementation of its recommendations.

A reading of the Introduction and Future Land Use Plan sections (one and two, part one of the Plan) contain a good overview and the essence of the Plan.

The Commission plans to keep Watertown residents informed of plan implementation progress, as well as of issues that arise along the path. Visit this page often for updated information!

Mark Massoud

Land Use Administrator


Draft Plan of Conservation & Development dated October 4, 2017 for Public Comment


click here for town wide survey results and draft chapters

1. Demographics and Housing.pdf

2. Existing Land Use and Zoning (002).pdf

3. Transportation.pdf

4. Economic Development (002).pdf

5. Community Facilties and Services.pdf

6. Natural Resources.pdf