Detective Division
Patrick Girouard
Commanding Officer


Detective Lisa Scannell            
Detective Kevin Ferrucci 
Detective Mark Conway
Detective Thomas Mcdonnell



The Watertown Detective Division is a support unit that serves as the investigative arm of the Watertown Police Department. Members of the Detective Division have received advanced specialized training in all areas of investigative police work. Detectives are responsible for solving all types of crimes as well as preserving and documenting the crime scene. Due to the size of our agency, detectives are not specialized in any one field of investigation, but are trained so that they may investigate a wide range of crimes committed within our community.

Detectives are general practioners of investigation and utilize their individual talents along with advanced training in;

  • Crime Scene Processing
  • Interviewing and Interrogation
  • Photography
  • Vidoegraphy
  • Computer Forensics

Although, with the emerging growth of the internet and ease of committing crimes in this virtual community a specialized field is emerging within the division addressing child internet predator crimes as well ferreting out members of our community that choose to collect and distribute child pornography. Members of the detective division are in the process of conducting undercover operations to protect our children from sexual predators. This field of investigation is very specialized and complex.

Narcotics investigation is a second area of specialization that has been considered very dangerous in nature. The detectives charged with these types of investigation must be very flexible with working hours and diligent in completing the tasks associated with narcotic crimes.

The management of the Evidence Room also falls within the realm of the Detective Division. Evidence, found property and property for safe keeping are all turned over to the Evidence Room. The Detective responsible for the management of the property must work with the court system as well as owners of property to properly manage the flow of property. Property can be released Monday through Friday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. but appointments must be made in advanced.

 Watertown Police Internet Crimes Against Children



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