Communications Division
Greg O'Brien, Communications Supervisor



By dialing the three digit number 911, Assistance can be summoned for Police, Fire,
or Medical Emergencies

Dispatcher Taylor Martino
Dispatcher Melissa Bostick
Dispatcher Brandon Jankowics                       
Dispatcher Jeff Lynch
Dispatcher Robin Lamy

Dispatcher Patricia Bessette
Dispatcher Lawrence Lafferty
Dispatcher Cathi D'Vileskis
Dispatcher Mary Lynch
Dispatcher Andrea Cortes


 When you call 911;

*Stay Calm

*Tell the dispatcher where you are and where the emergency is

*Speak clearly and answer all questions

*Give your name and address if you choose

*Don't hang up until told to do so

*Give any specific details


(860) 945-5200
195 French Street Watertown Ct, 06795