Town of Watertown

Press Release
For Immediate Release
On behalf of Eversource Energy
Electric Grid Upgrades – Sunnyside Ave
From Franklin Ave to Edgewood Road
Construction to Begin

The Watertown Department of Public Works would like to advise residents of the following: There will be a single lane closure on Sunnyside Avenue from Franklin Avenue to Edgewood Road during the installation of a concrete encased electrical duct bank.

This project sponsored by Eversource Energy as part of their grid upgrades. The project involves the elimination of existing Watertown 25R Substation located near 64 Echo Lake Rd. This substation is comprised of 50+ year old equipment and operates at 4.8kV Delta. Due to the age of the infrastructure and the obsolescence of 4.8kV Delta systems, this substation i9s being retired. In order to retire this substation the creation of a new circuit out of Shaw’s Hill 24H Substation is required. The proposed new circuit will need to be installed through 2,500 ft. of existing manhole duct infrastructure along Sunnyside to Edgewood Rd., at which point it will exit the underground and rise overhead. In addition, this design also calls for the installation of one new manhole duct being installed at the intersection of Sunnyside Ave. and Edgewood Rd.

Upon completion, this project will greatly improve service reliability for customers in the area. The anticipated work will eliminate 50+ year old equipment, update outdated system voltages to company standard, and create new automatic circuit ties that will assist in providing alternate source for over 6,029 customers during potential contingencies.

 The contractor completing the work is Stone Construction Co. Inc. of Southbury. Sunnyside Avenue is expected to have single lane closure for 10 weeks. The project is anticipated to commence on September 11th. Upon completion of the duct bank all lanes will be restored for use. We thank you for your patience during this period of work and appreciate your consideration as this impacts travel and public transportation routes.