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(Press Release Posted 05/23/2024)

In recent months, the Watertown Police Department has documented an increase in telephone / internet scams targeting unsuspecting individuals. The perpetrators seek to defraud victims of their finances and personal savings. These scams often involve social engineering and consist of sophisticated tactics aimed at instilling a sense of fear or urgency with the goal to compel victims to quickly surrender their financial assets.

Some common tactics employed by scammers include posing as a representative of a reputable organization such as a law Enforcement / government agency, financial institutions or technical support service. In some cases, the scammers claim that the victim or a family member is in trouble and funds are needed for their release or legal representation. Recent scams have involved the purchase and transfer of high valued gift cards. In these cases, the scammers convince the victim to stay on the phone during this process until the funds have been transferred, making confirmation of the scammers story difficult. Requesting payment as cryptocurrency is also a red flag indicating a scam. Cryptocurrency is very hard to recover once sent making it a preferred funding option for scammers. We also received reports that scammers have requested the victim withdraw cash from their personal accounts and once ready arrange to have the funds picked up by a courier or have the victim deliver the cash in

 Use caution when answering unsolicited phone calls. Immediate payment is rarely required from financial institutions and should be a red flag that this may be a scam.

Make every effort to verify the identity of those you are speaking to. Ask for the caller’s name, company, and contact information. Take time to independently verify that the individual on the phone works for the proper institution.

Scammers tend to put pressure on the victims in an effort to manipulate them to quickly comply with their demands during the phone call. Do not make an impulsive decision regarding your finances based on one phone call.

Educate and inform your friends and family members of these scams. Scammers tend to target elderly individuals who are not familiar with advancements in technology. Scammers sometimes perform open-source queries on victims prior to speaking to them. In many cases, scammers properly identify immediate family members and facts about the victim found on the internet. This social engineering tactic makes the victim believe that the scam is legitimate and therefore they are more likely to comply with the scammers demands.

The methods scammers use to exploit unsuspecting victims evolves with advancements in technology. Please remain vigilant so we can combat fraud and safeguard our communities of these deceptive practices. If you believe that you may have fallen victim of a scam or suspicious activity you believe is a scam, please contact your local police department as soon as possible.

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(Posted 09/05/2023)

  As we enter September and National Preparedness Month, The Watertown Police Department would like to take a moment encourage the residents of Watertown to sign up for CT Alerts.

The CT ALERT - Emergency notification system (Powered by Everbridge), enables state and local 911 emergency communication centers to provide essential information quickly in a variety of emergency situations, such as severe weather events, fires, or locations with a heavy police presence. You can get these emergency alerts sent to you on any communication device that you use, such as your cell phone, email, text message, or certain hearing-impaired devices, just by providing your information, and keeping it updated. Registering with CT Alerts will allow you to receive both state and Watertown specific notifications.

     You may receive a text message notification and/or a phone call from the Watertown Police Department advising you of a critical incident in an effort to protect you before, during and after the event itself with specific information and/or instructions on how to proceed. Please take these notifications seriously, as they are only sent when there is potential jeopardy in public safety. In the event you do receive an emergency notification please refrain from calling the Watertown Police Department to determine the validity of the notification as our dispatchers are likely to become overcome with an influx of curious inquiries; please call only with information relative to the nature of the incident. This announcement is meant educate the community of the validity of the notifications in advance of receiving a notification.

To register for CT Alerts please click on the following link.


CTALERT Everbridge


Autism Linked
Autism Safety Alert Registration page

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(Posted: 08/17/2023)

Please take a moment to watch the following Back to School Public Service Announcement from the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association and Connecticut Department of Transportation. 


(Posted: 02/01/2023)
No Parking

A friendly reminder from the Office of the Watertown fire Marshal.

A fire lane is defined as a marked lane near a structure that runs along the street. As every driver knows, parking in a fire lane is prohibited at all times in order to grant fire trucks and emergency vehicles unobstructed access to the structure in the event of an emergency. Don't be that person who blocks emergency personnel from doing their job.

For more information please visit:

The Watertown Fire Marshal's Office Facebook Page.


The Watertown Fire Marshal's Home page.

(Posted: 01/25/2023)

Attention business owners within the Town of Watertown, we are requesting you complete emergency contact information in the event the Police Department needs to get in touch with you outside of your business hours. The emergency contact information is a series of names and numbers that the Police Department can call for a variety of situations, the most common example being the activation of a commercial alarm at your establishment. 

Please include the following information to our Communication Center’s email address Communications@watertownctpd.org  

  • Company's name 
  • Company's address
  • Company's phone number
  • Management contact name and phone number
  • Alternative contact name and phone number 
  • Any other information you feel would be important for the Police Department to have. 

You may receive a follow up phone call from our Communication’s Center. Thank you for your continued cooperation.