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Autism Safety Alert Program

Dear Resident:

     The Watertown Police Department in collaboration with Ashely McClain from the LINKED - Autism Safety Project, is excited to announce our new initiative aimed at providing the best possible services to those in our autism community.  By completing the voluntary registration form below, the Watertown Police Department will compile important individualized information about the person with autism which will in turn be provided to officers in the field.  The information provided to the program is confidential and will only be used as needed by first responders.  Providing this individualized information will assist officers in making a positive connection and building relationships built on trust with individuals in our community on the autism spectrum.

     Each family that registers for the LINKED program will receive a Family Emergency Planning Folder with individualized instructions and a guide that includes tips and tools to navigate this program and an emergency situation. Additionally, the Family Emergency Planning Folders provides an emergency preparedness Social Story, created by professionals, which is a personalized learning tool containing text and illustration that supports the safe and meaningful exchange of information between parents, professionals, and people with autism of all ages.

     The Watertown Police Department is committed to the acceptance and inclusion of the members of our autism community.  As part of this commitment each Watertown Police Department cruiser is equipped with Sensory Bags, filled with tools to help first responders work with a person on the autism spectrum during an emergency.   These sensory packs are being provided as a collaborative partnership with Watertown’s Sun, Moon & Stars Non-Profit Organization.

     If you are a care giver of someone on the Autism Spectrum and would like to register them with this program, please:

  • Print out and complete the registration form by clicking HERE and return it to the Watertown Police Department in person, by e-mail or by mail.
  • The registration form is a PDF “fillable” form with the option to digitally fill in the information of the person you wish to register with program. Digitally completed forms or scans of completed forms can be emailed to records@watertownctpd.org or printed out and returned to the as mentioned above
  • The Form can also be completed by filling in the information below and clicking the SUBMIT button.

Autism Safety Alert Registration Form

LINKED - Autism Safety Form Fillable PDF


 This form provides communications and quick access to important information regarding your individual with Autism.

Please be sure to include any and all information that you believe can support Watertown Police Department in ensuring the safety of an individual with Autism in a crisis situation.