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195 French Street
Watertown, CT 06795
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Ph: 860.945.5200

Citizen Complaints

Dear Watertown / Oakville Community,

     As Chief of Police of the Watertown Police Department, I am dedicated to providing the best law enforcement services possible to the citizens, business owners, and visitors of the town of Watertown / Oakville.   As such, I take complaints by citizens and visitors to our community regarding police misconduct very seriously. 

     Most complaints received by the Watertown Police Department are handled initially by the on-duty Shift Commander and most can be resolved with a phone call.
More serious complaints, including allegations of misconduct that violate department rules and regulations or are a violation of law, require a more in-depth investigation. Once your complaint is received, you will be contacted within 2 business days by an officer from the Office of Professional Standards, who will advise you of the progress of the complaint.

     Please be sure to provide us with appropriate contact information so our officer can work closely with you pertaining to your concerns. Disagreements over guilt or innocence (i.e., traffic citations, arrests, etc.) are not handled within this process. These matters are handled through the judicial process unless you believe that the action taken was bias-based. You can be assured your complaint will be reviewed and investigated, professionally, thoroughly, and transparently.

      It is my hope we can resolve all issues to your satisfaction.
Chief Joshua Bernegger