Police Department

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195 French Street
Watertown, CT 06795
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Ph: 860.945.5200

Town of Watertown Communications Department

Communications Supervisor
Catharine D'Vileskis (acting)

Senior Communications Operator
Andrea Cortes (acting)

  Robin Lamy     
Melissa Bostick     
Kyle Palladino     
Nicola Ciaburri     
      Madison Butkus
     Jenna Markiewicz
     Amy Radzunas
     Ryan Hunt 

Mission Statement

To provide and ensure to the people within the town of Watertown Connecticut an expeditious response to their needs, be it of an emergency or routine nature. We will promptly provide this service with a high professional standard, compassion, integrity, and discretion towards people in need as well as our fellow co-workers.

By dialing the three-digit number 911, assistance can be summoned for Police, Fire, or Medical Emergencies.

When you call 911 remember to:
  • Stay calm
  • Tell the dispatcher where you are and where the emergency is
  • Speak clearly and answer all questions
  • Give your name and address if you choose
  • Don't hang up until told to do so
  • Give any specific details

Did you know?

Watertown Police uses a record-keeping system that can safely maintain critical information about your business as well as your home/family.

The Watertown Police Department Communications Division requests that if you own/operate a business in town that you keep an updated record with Dispatch for emergency after-hours numbers and any particulars that you feel would be beneficial for first responders.  

Information about medical concerns (resident uses Oxygen), security measures (hide a key), property specifics (driveway on side street), etc can be easily entered into our system and relayed to police and fire for calls for service.
K.I.T. (Keep in Touch) and W.O.W. (Water-Oak Wanderer) Programs

K.I.T., in conjunction with the Watertown Senior Center, is designed to ensure homebound residents are checked on when there is no one else for them to rely on.

K.I.T. Program Information & Registration
Water-Oak Wanders Program

 W.O.W. program coordinates pertinent information the Police and Fire Department would use when dealing with compromised elderly and persons with developmental difficulties in cases of missing persons and other calls for service.

W.O.W. Program Information & Registration

Please direct any questions on the above programs by calling or emailing (dispatch@watertownctpd.org) the Watertown Police Dispatch. 

***The communications email is for non-emergency communications and not monitored for police services. The email is a non-emergency email and for informational purposes only. In the event of an emergency, dial 911