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Board of Assessment Appeals

 When you appeal to the BAA, it is an assessment appeal, not a tax appeal. By appealing to the BAA, you are saying that the Town’s opinion of the value of your property is incorrect. Assessments are equal to 70% of the full value. Watertown’s real estate revaluation date was October 1, 2023 thus real estate assessments are equal to 70% of a property’s full market value as of October 1, 2023. Taxes are calculated by multiplying the assessment by the mill (tax) rate. Motor vehicles and personal property are evaluated annually.

Hearings for Real Estate, Personal Property, and Supplemental Motor Vehicles (vehicles billed in January) are held each year during the month of March.

Hearings for Motor Vehicles on the regular October 1st Grand List (vehicles billed in July) are held each year during the month of September.

If you wish to appeal your Real Estate, Personal Property, or Supplemental Motor Vehicle Assessment:

Include all the required information on the application to appeal:

  • Property owner’s name;
  • Name and position of the person signing the appeal application;
  • Description of the property;
  • Name, address, phone number, and email address of the person to whom correspondence is to be sent;
  • Reason for appeal;
  • Appellant’s estimate of full market value;
  • Signature of the property owner or that of his duly authorized agent; and
  • The date on which the appeal application is signed.
  • An individual application per property must be submitted to be appealed before the BAA. 
  • The BAA will review the written application, determine the meeting dates, and notify property owners of the hearing date and time. Meetings are held in the Assessor’s Office at Town Hall.
  • If you are appealing the assessment of a motor vehicle, please bring that motor vehicle to your hearing.
  • The owner or authorized individual must appear on the hearing date, time, and place shown in your notification from the BAA. If the property owner sends someone else (friend, relative, attorney, or other representatives) to act on their behalf, the Authorization Agent section of the Appeal Application must be completed.

If you wish to appeal your Motor Vehicle Assessment: 

  • For pricing, you should use NADA clean retail value for the Grand List year you are appealing.
  • An individual application per vehicle must be submitted to be appealed before the BAA.
  • Please bring the motor vehicle to your hearing.