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Public Hearing Procedures


1. The applicant or his representative will make his formal presentation to the commission stating the proposed regulated activities, the wetland impacts, and the alternatives which were considered by the applicant.

2. All comments, discussions, and observations shall be made through the Chair after proper recognition by the Chairman. This is necessary to ensure that only one person at a time speaks on any issue, thus making it easier for everyone to understand and for clearer legal transcription.

3. All persons addressing the Commission shall begin by first clearly stating their name and address for the record. If necessary, the person may be asked to spell his name for the record.

4. Following the presentation of the application, the Conservation Commission Inland Wetland Agency will ask specific questions of the applicant.

5. After the Commission has asked its questions of the applicant, I shall then allow any members of the public who wishes to speak either in favor of this application or against it to address the Commission.

6. I shall then allow the applicant to respond to the comments of the members of the general public.

7. I shall then allow any members of the general public who wish to present any additional information or clarifying discussion to do so.

8. I shall then provide an opportunity for the applicant to respond to these additional remarks if he or his representative so wishes.

9. The Conservation Commission/Inland Wetland Agency has thirty-five days from the date the public hearing commences to complete the public hearing. The Commission may ask the applicant for a thirty-five-day extension of the public hearing period if the commission requires any additional information or wishes to schedule a site walk to observe the situation for themselves.

10. The Conservation Commission/Inland Wetland Agency has thirty-five days from the date when the Public Hearing is closed to render its decision.