Woolson Street Bridge Closure



Starting the Week of (Monday) July 17, 2023

The Watertown Department of Public Works would like to advise residents of the following road closures in preparation for the Replacement of Bridge No. 04409, Woolson Street over Steele Brook. Woolson Street Bridge has been due to be replaced for the past 10 years and is a critical replacement bridge. The contractor completing the replacement, Dayton Construction Company of Watertown, was awarded the contract after winning the bid at $1,930,188. This project is funded 50% from the State of Connecticut and the reminder from the Town of Watertown.

The following roads will be closed to through traffic in the vicinity of the bridge: Merriam Road, Woolson Street, and Northfield Road. The bridge is located at the intersection of these three roads. This 6-month closure is due to take effect from July 17, 2023 to December 31, 2023 for the complete bridge replacement.

Merriman Lane will be closed to through traffic and only open to local traffic for resident living on Merriman Lane and for emergency vehicle access.

Hopkins Road will continue be a one-way road from Fern Hill Road to Northfield Road to accommodate local traffic and also for quick emergency vehicle access into the area of Hopkins Road, Northfield Road and the surrounding streets of Ellen Kay Drive.

Upon completion of the Woolson Street Bridge full two-way access will restored to Hopkins Road and Merriman Lane.

The official detour is from Northfield Road to Fern Hill Road. Detour signs have been installed to avoid this area.

We apologize for the limited impact this has to the local residents as consideration has made to accommodate public safety access for ambulances, fire apparatus and police vehicles.