Public Works/Highway Announcements


Spring is here!

* Residents on these streets are requested not to park on the street until after the streets are swept.
* Residents wishing to sweep their sand into the streets are requested to spread it out evenly and not 
   leave piles of sand as the sweeper is not equipped to remove piles of sand/leaves.                
* Questions regarding this program may be addressed to the Public Works Department (860-945-5240).
* This schedule will be published on the Town of Watertown website:


The Watertown Department of Public Works would like to advise residents of the following road closures in preparation for the Replacement of Bridge No. 04409, Woolson Street over Steele Brook. Woolson Street Bridge has been due to be replaced for the past 10 years and is a critical replacement. The contractor completing the replacement, Dayton Construction Company, Inc. was awarded the contract this month after winning the bid at $1,930,188.00.

The following roads will be closed to thru traffic in the vicinity of the bridge: Merriam Road, Woolson Street, and Northfield Road.  The Bridge is located at the intersection of these three roads.  The closures will begin on Monday, April 24, 2023, for a few weeks for utility work, and will be reopened. A permanent 6 month closure is due to take effect from June 1, 2023 to November 30, 2023 for complete bridge replacement.

Detour signs have been installed to avoid this area. Overhead utility work and gas company work will be ongoing until bridge replacement starts.

Please contact the Public Works Department at 860-945-5240 if you have questions regarding this matter. 


The following streets are due to be crack sealed, beginning May 4, 2023 (weather permitting), with completion by the end of May. For more information on crack sealing click here.

  • Balmoral Drive
  • Bayview Circle
  • Borowy Road
  • Capewell Avenue
  • Curtiss Lane
  • Davis Street
  • Dunrobin Lane
  • French Street
  • Kimberly Lane
  • Lewis Drive
  • Loop Road
  • Mango Circle
  • Park Lane
  • Pulled Avenue
  • Radnor Lane
  • Saugus Avenue
  • Sills Road
  • Sunnyside Avenue
  • Westgate Road
  • Winding Brook Farm Road