Freedom of Information Act Request Form/
Anti-Blight Form

Freedom of Information Act Request Form
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It is the Town's policy to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests as quickly as possible.

So that we can document your request and respond in a timely manner, please complete a Freedom of
Information Act Request Form. 

If records are available in electronic format, they can be sent at no charge. Records that must be photocopied
can be made available at a cost of $.50 per page. We would advise you in advance of the estimated cost.

There may also be a fee for labor cost(s) associated with your request, in accordance with CGS Sec.1-212(b)(1). We would advise you of the estimated cost before proceeding.

Once your form is received and documents have been gathered you will be notified.  You are welcome to visit the Town Hall during normal working hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm) to pick up your requested documents.

The Town of Watertown has no legal obligation to, and will not perform analytical work, studies,
investigations, calculations, or program reviews, or create any document in response to a FOIA Request. 

Please note that your request is also a public record and is subject to disclosure under the FOIA.

It is important that you familiarize yourself with the Town of Watertown Freedom of Information Policy and the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act.

The FOIA request form can be filled out in two different ways:



Fillable .pdf 

Completed .pdf forms may be submitted in person, by email at, or by mail to:

Watertown Town Hall
Town Manager's Office 
61 Echo Lake Road, Watertown, CT 06795

Anti-Blight Form

Town of Watertown Blight Ordinance

The purpose of this article is to define, prohibit and abate blights and nuisances and to protect, preserve, promote public health, safety and welfare, and to preserve and protect property values.

Any issues with suspected blight can be reported by filling out and submitting the online form.

Anti-Blight Form